The GSM-03 module gas detector

The GSM-03 module gas detector is designed for non-stop control of the under-explosion-hazardous combustible vapor concentration, flammable liquid vapors and their mixtures in the explosion hazardous zones indoors and outdoors, as well as on the open-air fields. The thermochemical sensor is used. Functions: from 1 to 20 remote combustible gas sensors; warning light glows when the limit concentration value of the components from 0 to 50% of the lower explosive limit (LEL) is reached; two alarm thresholds are formed: Threshold 1 and Threshold 2; the alarm threshold levels are set by the software; to avoid a breakdown, the sensor power is interrupted if the gas concentration limit is reached. Additional information: The GSM-03 gas detector ensures 4-20 mA analog output signal proportional to the combustible gas concentration via the RS-485 interface with the ModBus RTU protocol. This provides new opportunities to produce advanced gas concentration control systems for oil-producing and petrochemical industries. The GSM-03 gas detector ensures pre-fault signals, gas concentration rate monitoring, on-time predictive modeling, and finally, the detector prevents the system from emergency situations. The GSM-03 gas detector is equipped with the in-built and outer portable calibration tools, which ensure a high comfort installation. The GSM-03 gas detector is supplied with the software, which can prolong the life span of the thermochemical sensor for 2 years or more. The GSM-03 gas detector will simplify the gas concentration control system installation, will reduce the expenses on conductors, will be easily installed into your emergency shutdown system and automatic process control system.

Обозначение: GSM-03

Технические характеристики: Total permissible absolute error limit ± 5,0 % of the LEL. Concentration limit measurement range from 0 to 50 % of the LEL. Explosion protection marking 1ExdIICT4. Number of remote sensors from 1 to 20.