The MicroTEC-01 measuring and estimating system

The MicroTEC measuring and estimating system is designedfor: metering of crude and commercial oil flow (GOST Р 8.595, GOST Р 8.615, MI 2693 instructions); commercial and technological metering of natural gas flow (GOST Р 8.586.1-5, GOST 30319.0-3); metering of associated gas flow according to МR 113; metering of bottom water flow; economic metering of material and product flows (warm, gas, water, electrical power etc.). The MicroTEC measuring and estimating system is applied in: systems for measurement of quantity and quality of crude and commercial oil, gas, water to provide commercial and current metering; metering stations of material and product flows in oil-refining, petrochemical and iron-and-steel industry; volume and mass flow rate transducer testers; oil products loading stations for railway, automobile transport and shipping facilities; tank farms for oil and oil-products metering.

Обозначение: MicroTEC-01

Технические характеристики: Power supply voltage from 187 to 242 V. Operating temperature range from +1 to +50 C. Explosion protection marking [Ex ia] IIC. Life span 10 years.