The RemTEC-03 electric drive

The Rem TEC-03 electric drive is used to control stop valves and control valves with 150 - 1200 mm diameter and 1,6 - 16,0 MPa working pressure. The RemTEC-03 electric drive is designed for valves on pipelines, oilfields and gas-fields; in chemical, petrochemical and oil processing industries; in explosion hazardous zones of class I, II in accordance with GOST R 51330.9, where the hazard can be posed by explosive air-vapour and air-gas mixtures of IIA, IIB categories and T1, T2, T3, T4 types in accordance with GOST R 51330.11 and GOST R 51330.5. The electronic control system BUR is supplied together with the RemTEC-03 electric drive. Fitted with electronic control systems with torque-limiting clutch and position sensor, the electric drives of this type are intelligent drives. Functions: an embedded noncontact reversing-type starter; soft starting and stopping, dynamic braking; the electric motor is switched off automatically if the valve travel end positions are reached; the electric motor is switched off automatically when the preset tractive effort is overrun; the motor winding protection from overheating; the motor protection from a short circuit; the motor circuit protection from phase loss; allows to adjust the electric drive control parameters using remote control; can be connected to the automatic process control systems through RS-485 interface or CAN-bus; can be connected to the telemechanics through the discrete control; information about the breakdowns and the commands is saved in a blackbox, the valves condition diagnosis; the stop valve position is shown on the local control indicator; the output element is removed to the position given.

Обозначение: RemTEC-03

Технические характеристики: The motor electric power 0,37 -7,5 kW. The drive output element torque 100 - 10000 Nm. The electric drive output element speed 6-50 rpm. Limiting torque range of the maximum value from 20 tо 100%