IVANTEX - gobelin panels from Ivanovo!

The group of companies IVANTEKS offers gobelin panels to sale. Open for itself the world of a modern Gobelin tapestry! Gobelin tapestries in багетных frameworks will successfully add an interior of your apartment, office and will introduce an atmosphere of a cosiness and heat in a premise. As well as any work of art, time does not age a Gobelin tapestry, it does it only more dearly: the Gobelin tapestry becomes the present family relic. Having collected gallery of gobelin pictures, you will leave a priceless heritage for the future generations! Gobelin tapestries today is not only prestigiously and beautifully is a fine subject of an interior, but also a magnificent gift! Wish to present really valuable original gift which will not get on a dusty shelf? Present a Gobelin tapestry! Our products is a high quality and the refined taste! www.ivantex.ru

Обозначение: IVANTEX - gobelin panels from Ivanovo!

Технические характеристики: IVANTEX - gobelin panels from Ivanovo!