Federal government unitary enterprise Kozitsky plant,Omsk

History of our factory begins with Simens and Galske telegraph workrooms which were established in Saint-Petersburg in 1856. A small enterprise opened up production of telegraph, telephone and railway warning in 1990 year. This factory was evacuated to O

Basic specialization Production: professional automated radio receivers with microprocessor control for merchant marine and fish fleet, civil aviation ,telegraph agency ,common carrier; portable receiving and transmitting apparatus, working over the range SW and FM, for reception and transmitting telephone and telegraph signals; precision-built crystal oscillators; crystal reference oscillator of 1,2,3 types; crystal filters; elements on surface acoustic waves; microassembly; radio stations for fish fleets, merchant marines, rescue vessels; searching systems intended for accurate fault location and electric cable fault pattern; fire-prevention and electro-protection shut-down devices intended for people’s protection from electric current injury; wiring accessories: cutoff switches, outlets, plugs, sockets; metal and plastic consumer goods and toys.

Регион:  Россия, Центр, Омская обл., Омск
Адрес:  Russia, 644007, Omsk, Chernishevsky street, 2
Тел.:  (3812) 252220
Факс:  (3812) 251328
Email:  zikomarket@yandex.ru
Web-сайт:  http://ziko.omsk.net.ru