Public JSC "Constar" Turbine Plant of Krivoy Rog

Manufacture, service and overhaul of gas turbine engines and gas-pumping units, steam turbines and blades, turbine expansion units, rolled rings, metallurgy production, well-control equipment, equipment for mining industry.

Public JSC “Constar” Turbine Plant of Krivoy Rog is a big manufacturer of turbine units and driven gas turbine engines. Near 600 items manufactured by JSC “Constar” are successfully exploited in gas transferring systems and as a part of autonomous power stations. Our turbines use good reputation as one of the most reliable and unpretentious ones and our manufacturing methods have been certificate on a series of standards ISO 9001. Public JSC “Constar” render services in equipment repair for machine-building, oil-and-gas, power energetic, chemical and mining industries. The main types of our products are: • manufacture and overhaul of gas-pumping units GPA-10-01 and gas driven engines DR59L (DR59L1); overhaul of gas turbine generators GTG-12V and driven engines DC59L; • manufacture of steam turbines; • manufacture of turbine expander units; • overhaul of turbine compressor units GTT-3M and GTT-3K; • spare parts production for different kinds of gas and steam turbines; • rolled rings production; • manufacture of well-control equipment; • foundry production; • manufacture of turbine blades. JSC “Constar” staff is ready to cooperate with oil-and-gas enterprises, power industry companies. We look forward to your offers concerning design, manufacture and service of gas turbine units and gas turbine engines, spare parts and components delivery.

Регион:  СНГ, Украина
Адрес:  50045, Okruzhnaya str.,127, Krivoy Rog, Ukraine
Тел.:  (+38 056) 404-06-03
Факс:  (+38 056) +38 (0564) 27-49-21