Tomsk Electronic Company Ltd

Designing, production of technological schemes; engineering services for creation an complete delivery of Automatic Process Control System; production of electric drives, devices of control, metering and management of weighing systems.

SME «TEC»: - produces electric drives of RemTEC series, applied for any type of existing pipeline fittings; motor control centers, control room boards; - produces measuring and estimating systems «MicroTEC» for real time and commercial units for metering of oil, gas, water, material and product flows, energy resources; gas indicators of GSM-series; - produces all known weight devices (conveyor, automobile, railway etc.); - produces conveyor and hopper-type weighers of continuous and sampling action; - carries out research and advanced development of new products according to initial demands of the Customer; - carries out full range of works and services, connected with completion of APCS and implementation of technological systems (from project inspection of the object to supply of technologic equipment and putting the system into operation); - warranty and post-warranty service. Our solutions will help you : - solve tasks on complex metering and control of material and product flows; - provide prevention of fire and gas explosions at hazardous production facilities; - provide remote control of equipment status and operation; - increase range and quality of your products; - increase reliability and service life of the equipment; - reduce costs on technical arrangement of the objects; - save time and money by means of complex delivery of the equipment; - invest money to your own production with least time outlays.

Регион:  Россия, Сибирь, Томская обл., Томск
Адрес:  ul. Vysotskogo, 33, Tomsk, Russia 634040
Тел.:  ((3822)) 63-39-54, 63-38-37, 63-39-58
Факс:  ((3822)) 63-39-63, 63-38-41, 63-41-75