Low-voltage equipment plant

The production nomenclature is wide and manifold. The main products of the Plant are: Transformers,o single-phase type ОС, ОСМ based on stranded magnetic conductors, power from 0,04 kVA to 2,5 kVA o three-phase ТС, ТСЗ, ТСЗВ, ТСПУ, ТСЗИ, ТСЗМ, power from 0,1 kVA to 250 kVA o high-voltage dry transformers type ТС, ТСЗ, with primary voltage up to 10 kV, power from 40 kVA to 1000 kVA. o high-powered dry transformers type ТС, ТСЗ, ТСП, ТСЗП, ОС, ОСЗ, ОСП, ОСЗП • Rectifiers o type ТЕР1, ТВР1 for galvanic and electrochemical production on currents 50 А - 12500 А, voltage 6 V, 12 V, 24 V, 48 V, 115 V (the production of rectifiers with different values of output currents and voltages is possible), o type ОПЕ, ОПС, ВАС, ВТПЕ, ВМПЕ for alkaline and acid batteries charging, including traction batteries, on different voltages and currents o type ВАСТ, ВТПЕД, ВТППД for starting and alternate or direct current welding o Air-to-water cooler ВВО-7000 • Thyristor exciters o type ТЕ 8-320-5, ВТЕ- 315-11, ВТЕ-315-14 for synchronous motors, ВТЕ-315-11Ц (with digital program control) for synchronous motors. • Low-voltage devices o automatic change-over dashboard type ЩАП IP20 to IP-54 level sealing protection Warranty period for all production at least 2 years

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